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Camps Car Care Club

Camps Car Care Club


The Camps Car Care Club is designed to offer special rewards and discounts to our most loyal wash customers.  It costs nothing to join and requires no punch cards or membership cards to lose. Each vehicle is individually tagged with a tiny barcode and tracked by our computer system.  We do all the work and you get all the benefits!

For use at our 285 Amherst St. Nashua Soft Cloth Wash location only.

Membership Benefits

  • 2 Day Clean Car Guarantee! Rewash for free no matter how you get it dirty!
  • 10th Wash Is A Free Works Wash!
  • Free Car Wash Mailed to You On Your Birthday!
  • $1.00 Discount For Seniors 


Instructions:  At check just fill out the form, print it and bring it with you on your next visit.  We will then place a small id barcode on your vehicle.  Once your info is entered into our database you will start accumulating wash credits. It's that simple! 


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