Camps Gentle Touch Car Wash and Auto Detailing Nashua NH

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Typhoon Touch Free Car Wash

Typhoon Wash Menu

Open 24/ 7 -All Washes Include Touch Free Air Drying!

Safe and Easy Touch Free Washing

Our Typhoon Touch Free Car Washes are perfect for customers who prefer having their vehicle washed without brushes or cloth.  Nothing touches the vehicle except high pressure water, detergent and air drying.  Since nothing touches the vehicle, this method of automated washing is great for oversized vehicles that meet the height requirement, cars with roof racks and even dually's.  

Pay Stations Kiosks

The Typhoon Touch Free Car Washes are controlled by easy to use automated pay stations.  Select a wash on the screen and insert payment with either a credit card or cash.  Any change is returned in dollar bills, not quarters. The pay station will tell you when to enter the wash bay.

Free Vacuum Cycle When You Purchase The Ultimate or The Works Wash!

Typhoon Touch Free Wash

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