Camps Gentle Touch Car Wash and Auto Detailing Nashua NH

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Do It Yourself Car Wash Bays

Self Service

Self Service Car Wash Bays

For customers that prefer to do-it-themselves, visit one of our 2 Self-Serve Car Wash locations in Nashua. Located at 21 Charron Ave. (by the airport) or 487 Amherst St.(across from Sunnyside Acura) Use $1 and $5 bills, quarters or credit cards right in the wash bay. No roaming around looking for bill changers or loose change.


  • Advanced high pressure cleaning equipment 
  • Bug remover and tire cleaner
  • No scratch hogs hair foaming brushes. Super soft!
  • Formula Finish Spray wax protectants
  • Triple colored foaming polish
  • Spot free final rinse
  • NEW Hand held high volume air dryers, Great for Motorcycles! (Charron Ave location only)
  • Powerful vacuums with extra long hoses, carpet shampooers, fragrance machines and vending products.

Cash:  $3.00 for 4 minutes of wash time.

Credit Card: $5.00 for 6 minutes 40 seconds of wash time.

Carpet Wizard

Carpet Wizard
We feature do-it-yourself Carpet Shampooers at each Camps Car Wash location. Perfect for coffee spills, pet odors or any other problem spot.

Priced at $2.50 /5 min. for the Shampooer and $1.25 /4 min. for the vacuum. The Shampoo function dispenses a pleasant scented shampoo through a hose and scrub brush combo with a pre-spotter option for tougher grime. Once your done just flick the switch to activate the vacuum and suck it all up.



Self Service Car Wash Pictures

pics 52307 277.jpg pics 52307 281.jpg pics 52307 295.jpg High pressure wash
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