Auto Detailing

Professional Auto Detailing Services Available By Appointment Only At Our 285 Amherst St. Location And Our Detailing Center at 487 Amherst St. Nashua NH Location.

 Gift Certificates Available Cars, Reg. Cab Pickups Mid Size SUV's & Wagons Full Size SUV's & Mini Vans

Carpet Shampoo Only

$39.95* $49.95* $59.95*

Interior Express

$34.95* $39.95* $49.95*

Odor Removal Treatment

$49.95** $49.95** $49.95**

Ultimate Interior Detail

$109.95* $119.95* $149.95*

Exterior Detailing with Synthetic Paint Sealant

$99.95* $119.95* $139.95*

Complete Interior and Exterior Detailing with Paint Sealant

$179.95* $199.95* $229.95*

New Online Booking Instructions: A credit card is required to reserve appointments online.  Even though a length of time is posted for all services, plan on leaving your vehicle with us and we will call you when services have been completed. $25 fee for not showing up for your appointment without notifying us in advance. As always a final price will be quoted in writing when we can assess your vehicle. Please put the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle in the appointment notes section.



*Starting Prices. Posted prices may vary based on condition and size. The above prices are to be used as a rough estimate. A final price cannot be accurately quoted until one of our detailing specialists can assess your vehicle. 

Call 889-5257 and ask to speak with one of our Detailing Specialists today or Book Online!

Gift Cards available in any amount!

Exterior Detailing Includes:
Thorough Wash & Dry, Professional Clay Treatment to Decontaminate and Prepare the Surface for a Coat of Our Premium Formula Finish Synthetic Paint Sealanttm.  Wheel & Tire Cleaning and Dressing Included. 

Ultimate Interior Includes:
Thorough Vacuum (including trunk), Deep Clean Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo with Deodorizer, 1 Set of Floor Mats Cleaned and Shampooed, Door Jambs Cleaned, "Q-tip" Clean & Dress Door Panels, Cup Holders, Console, Vents, Dashboard & Trim, Clean Windows Inside and Out. 

Interior Express Includes:
Thorough Interior Vacuuming, Windows Cleaned Inside and Out, Dust and Dress Dashboard, Includes "The Works" Wash with Tire Shine . WHILE-U-WAIT service, please call ahead. 889-5257.

Odor Removal Treatment:
We can get rid of stubborn airborne odors with ozone!  This process does not cover up odors it actually eliminates them.  Ozone oxidizes and purifies the air and eliminates contaminants like mold, bacteria, cigarette odors etc. Service takes about 1 hour but may take longer depending on the odor.  

**only $39.95 if added to an Ultimate Interior or Complete Interior and Exterior Service.

Tree Sap & Tar Removal Available!

Prices may vary due to condition and size of vehicle.  CALL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR REQUESTS.



Professional detailing should be part of every vehicles preventative maintenance schedule....

Most automobile manufacturers recommend applying a protective wax or sealer to your vehicle every 2 to 6 months.  Clearcoats are tough and look great when clean but they still need protection.  Clearcoats can become dull over time and damaged from acid rain and industrial fallout.  Regular maintenance will not only keep your car looking great but also help you avoid costly repairs down the road.  Check your owners manual for care and maintenance recommendations.

Types of Paint Protection

Mother's California Gold Carnauba Paste Wax adds shine and protection to your vehicles exterior.  Made with #1 Brazilian carnauba, Mothers is a quality name brand product that provides a crystal clear high gloss shine. Protection from the sun's harmful UV rays and New England's winter road salt are also greatly enhanced. Carnauba Wax must be re-applied every 2 to 3 months to be effective.

Formula Finishtm  Synthetic Paint Sealant offers longer lasting protection than carnauba based products.  Formula Finish paint sealant is a synthetic polymer that actually bonds to your painted surface providing the very best protection and amazing high gloss. Paint sealant should be re-applied every 3 to 6 months depending on factors such as the season, sun exposure, garaging, commuting etc.

Our Clay Treatment Makes A Difference....

Over time your vehicles paint takes a lot of abuse. Harmful contaminants like acid rain and industrial fallout settle and bond to your vehicles finish leaving it looking and feeling dull. Washing and waxing alone will not remove these "dug in" contaminants. Next time you wash your vehicle run your hand flat along your finish. Notice the rough sandy feeling? Detailing clay safely deep cleans your finish leaving it silky smooth. Here at Camps Car Wash & Auto Detailing we hand clay every vehicle before any wax or sealant is applied.


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